The Ebrush Technology Concept

The Ebrush technology concept integrates EPjet-printhead technology into manual paint application devices, which are operated like a paint roll.



Ebrush-Coater: Coating surfaces


Coating of building surfaces could soon be accomplished by the "electronic paintbrush", or Ebrush(TM). The handy tool may contain an EPjet(TM) printhead with a width of e.g. 10 inch. Moving the device over a surface will actuate the printhead nozzles to fire droplets of paint to the surface, which are narrow spaced and form a uniform paint layer. Firing frequency will be determined by the speed of the device on the surface.


Ebrush-Painter: Graphic printing of facade paint onto facades


The Ebrush-Painter concept makes the printing of graphics onto facades as easy as painting with a paint roll. Adding realime position measurement capability makes it possible to print graphics on large surfaces by a small manually operated device.



Drop-on-Demand Application of:

- Dispersion Paints

- Solvent Varnishes

- UV - Varnishes

- Ceramic Glaze

- Adhesives

- Lubricants

- Functional Materials


- Construction, Buildings

- Automotive

- Aerospace

- Ship Building

- Prefab Parts

- Ceramics Industry

- Metal Coating

- Packaging Printing

- Textile Printing