EPJet: Greyscal Printhead Technology

EPjet is a novel drop-on-demand printing technology, which was developed with the target to print highly viscous paints and varnishes, which may also have pigments and fillers (patent pending).


Working principle:

A micro-pneumatic control unit generates multiple pneumatic control signals by an internal fast-switching microvalve-array. The pneumatic signals are used to control fluid droplet ejection through drop-on-demand nozzles included in a fluidic unit. The fluidic unit is configured as a low cost component out of plastic material, which can be easily replaced, if contaminated. Depending on control pressure and nozzle goemetry the drop sizes are controllable in a wide range.


Working Range:

- Nozzle diameters 0.1 .. 1mm

- Firing frequency up to 1 kHz (New Generation, up to 3 kHz)

- Fluids of arbitrary chemistry, up to 1 Pas, depending on the individual Application

- Fluids with particles up to 0.1 mm

Drop-on-Demand Application of:

- Dispersion Paints

- Solvent Varnishes

- UV - Varnishes

- Ceramic Glaze

- Adhesives

- Lubricants

- Functional Materials


- Construction, Buildings

- Automotive

- Aerospace

- Ship Building

- Prefab Parts

- Ceramics Industry

- Metal Coating

- Packaging Printing

- Textile Printing