By using the EPjet Technology it is often possible to use given coating materials without the need to modify their chemical composition. We start every custom application with a process development phase to trim the system to fulfill a custom target specification.


Fields of Applicatons


Fluids of arbitrary chemistry with viscosities between < 1 mPas and 1 Pas are applyable within defined specifications, particle contents of up to 60% of < 0,1 mm size have been successfully tested.

  • Standard dispersion - paints up to 0,1mm particle size
  • Solvent- and water-based varnishes
  • Water and solvent based inks
  • 2-component coatings¬†
  • Thick film pastes
  • Construction materials
  • Biologic fluids
  • Medical fluids
  • many other fluids


Drop-on-Demand Application of:

- Dispersion Paints

- Solvent Varnishes

- Dispersion Varnishes

- 2K Varnishes

- UV - Varnishes

- Ceramic Glaze

- Adhesives

- Lubricants

- Functional Materials