The EPjet(TM) Drop-on-Demand - Working Principle is a base functional principle, which can be configured to suit almost every application, when a liquid has to be printed. We start every custom application with a process development phase to trim the system to fulfill a custom target specification. Mostly it is possible to adapt the EPjet Technology to the fluids to be coated, so fluids, which are certified, do not need to be modified in their chemical composition.

Fields of Applicatons


Fluids of arbitrary chemistry with viscosities between < 1 mPas and 1 Pas are applyable within defined specifications, particle contents of up to 60% of < 0,1 mm size have been successfully tested.

  • Standard dispersion - Paints, up to 0,1mm particle size
  • Solvent- and water-based varnishes
  • All water-based inks
  • 2-component coatings 
  • Thick film pastes
  • Construction materials
  • Biologic fluids
  • Medical fluids
  • many other fluids


Drop-on-Demand Application of:

- Dispersion Paints

- Solvent Varnishes

- Dispersion Varnishes

- 2K Vernishes

- UV - Varnishes

- Ceramic Glaze

- Adhesives

- Lubricants

- Functional Materials